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Importance Of Draping In Fashion Designing

What Is Draping?
Draping is nothing but art of fabric that is moulded in different shapes and comes in different sizes. Draping can only do with fabrics like satin, silk, griffon, because all these fabrics are great to use and has amazing fall.
Other fabrics like linen and litter fabrics are stiff and cannot be folded as easily as possible. Hence most evening gowns, ballroom dresses and other special designed long gowns are cut from soft fabric that has smooth fall.
We do have many types of draping forms to form a beautiful design and some of the best draping types are pleats, tucks, gathers and ruching.
Well, many fashion designing institutes have been specified this draping course as a special course that help many people to design beautiful long frocks and bring out their creativity in designing.
Importance Of Draping In Fashion Designing:
However, draping is one of the new trend that attracting many designers and to bring out the best ingenuity and adroitness.
Generally, the designing process begins with sketching the design on the paper. Then the designers mark the places where the draping should be done on fabric and it is transformed in to a body. The muslin is pinned on the body form then it is accordingly shaped in to final design.
If you still confused why draping is absolutely important for fashion designer, then here is the answer for all those pretty designers. Draping allow fashion designers to know about the best and perfect outfit and to bring out their creativity.
It also helps all fashion designers to correct their mistakes in designing by making it as amazing outfit. As I said, earlier you must rely on fabric that is suitable for draping and comfortable with!
Draping is considering as the best way to transform single garment in to elegant one. You can easily twist the style of your clothing by giving a small touch of draping to it.


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